Thandai Masala | Summer Drink

The festival of colours, ‘HOLI’ marks playful celebrations and of-course, the arrival of spring. And, to keep up with the short spring and long Indian Summers we need recipes that hydrate and energize us to be on our toes and keep moving. To rejoice the playful and extravagant spirit of Holi, I am sharing one of the traditional…

Snack’d Ep.#1 | Chana Chaat

Evening tea/coffee break always comes with a craving for accompaniments. And, that has been my downfall from the very start. Muffins, Sandwiches, Patties, Fritters, Rolls, Wraps – the taste and texture of the nibbles leave you asking for another serving. The street food in the India knows no bounds when it comes to offering you choices….