Dal Payasam

Woke up early on a pleasant morning and the breezy weather called for something warm and comforting. So, I headed to the kitchen; shuffling through the boxes on the shelf to find my way to the good stuff.


At last, I zeroed on the wholesome dish I wanted to enjoy. Dal Payasam – one of the traditional dessert recipes that comes from South India that is enriched with the goodness of lentils, jaggery and coconut milk.
This sweet is sustaining because of all the nutrients packed in it. Coconuts are known to be a rich source of healthy saturated fats. Also, a good source for Vitamins C, B1,B3, B5, B6 and minerals such as Calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium and phosphorous. The lentils, are the source for proteins and fibre. Jaggery is said to benefit our digestive and immune systems.
From what I know, Moong Dal Payasam is considered as an auspicious offering to God during festivals. For a dish that is prepared with such love, there could not have been anything more comforting to savor.
And let me tell you, the Payasam turned out really scrumptious. It has this thick and creamy texture because of the coconut milk, nuttiness from the lentils, gentle sweetness from the jaggery and cardamom.
In a (coco)nutshell, I served comfort in a bowl 🙂
The recipe for this highly nutritive Indian sweet. Servings – 4.
  1.  Moong Dal (Yellow lentils) – 1/2 cup
  2.  Water -2.5 cups
  3.  Coconut Milk (Thin/second press) – 1/2 cup
  4.  Coconut Milk (Thick/ first press) – 1 cup
  5. Jaggery powder – 3/4 cup (adjust as per your liking)
  6.  Cardamom powder – 4 pods
  7.  Clarified butter/ Coconut oil – 1 heaped tbsp
  8.  Cashew nuts – 10-12
  9.  Raisins – 10-12
Recipe Instructions:
  1. Wash the Moong Dal thoroughly and pressure cook it with 2.5 cups of water for 2-3 whistles. Alternately, you can cook it in an open vessel for 15 mins or so.
  2. Let the steam settle down on its own and then, mash the cooked dal into a fine or coarse texture as per your liking.
  3. Put the dal back in pan on low flame and add 3/4 cup of jaggery powder to it. You can even use regular granulated sugar here.
  4. Cook the dal slowly till the jaggery melts giving it an earthy hue. Keep stirring lightly at all times.
  5. Add the second/ thin extract of coconut milk to the pan and mix. I had extracted the coconut milk fresh but, you may use canned one.
  6. Let the payasam cook on low flame for about 8-10 mins. Make sure you stir gently as coconut milk tends to curdle fast and we don’t want that.
  7. At this point, add 1 cup of thick coconut milk, mix well and cook for 2 mins and turn the flame off.
  8. In a tadka pan, heat 1 tbsp ghee/coconut oil and add cashew nuts to it. As the nuts start to change color, add raisins and let them swell up. Immediately, take it off the heat.
  9. To the payasam, add cardamom powder and pour the hot ghee with nuts over it.
  10. Mix well and let the payasam sit for 5-8 mins. This will ensure the flavor layers get enhanced.
  11. Serve the payasam warm or  refrigerate when it comes to room temperature for later.

My observation : The taste develops over time. When I had my second serving after a a few hours, the flavours had intensified and the Payasam tasted luscious.

 You must try this out !

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