Style Decode Series – Scandinavian

Hello there !

I am starting with a Style Decode series today to give you a cheat sheet of how I adapt outfit inspirations from around the globe. This series is my personal interpretation on a form of dress style with most things I already own in my wardrobe. Like the idea so far, then, stay with me on this series.

So, first up in the series is Scandinavian Style.

Nordic or Scandinavian style can be defined as timeless, chic, sporty and modern. Lucky that I already had everything I needed to put this outfit together. My personal style to a great extent is synonymous with Scandi style but this time I had to be intentional in picking out pieces. And oh dear, from feeling ultra comfortable to looking androgynous & chic; the Nordic format of styling had my name written all over it.


Decoding the look :

My observation of Nordic fashion made me jot these key terms while finalizing my look; read on:


The outfit must have clean lines; while monochrome looks and muted tones are a winning combination, colors are styled equally well without going OTT. Accessories bring the entire look together and the scandi approach is to keep them sleek looking with no complicated designs. Apart from the structured formal black dress that I picked, to achieve a clean and sleek look, I decided to go with a topknot as it elongates my frame and looks uber cool.

Modern & Utilitarian

Nordic designs are clean & crisp with pristine cut fabrics. Such designs that look luxurious but won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Their clothes are not just for fashion and catching the eye, Scandinavian designs believe in function as well. Be it adding utilitarian pockets to an outfit or carrying accessories like a bum bag or vegan leather backpacks that allow your hands to be free for holding that paper & coffee on the go.


This is my favorite, the gender neutral designs. A piece that can be worn by anyone and everyone. Like, I picked up a Bomber Jacket to layer over my feminine formal black dress. With its design and leather detail on the sleeves, the whole vibe got transformed; from formal to badass modern.


Athletic, relaxed and edgy. The dressing that is suitable for sport activities and everyday wear, yes, I am talking about athleisure that is a huge trend right now. The element for the vibe I chose were the sporty socks & sneakers.


With hair in place, a monochrome outfit, a timeless pair of sunnies and sneakers; I think I did pretty well with sporty boy, sharp and a very practical Scandinavian Look.






I am pretty sure most of us have these timeless pieces in our wardrobe that have the capability to transform us into a vision. You only need to remember the key points and be sorted with your style game. So, are you excited for the next one in the series?

I am.



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