Hello Sunshine !


Do I have your attention ? If yes, then follow the next set of words carefully.

Picture sunrise on a morning after a downpour, breathe in the freshness into your lungs and listen to the birds singing songs about a new sunrise. Experiencing a bright and fresh morning that brings hope & warmth into our lives is a blessing .Β  How do you feel about it ?

This post is about the rediscovery of my sense of style and my sunshine. Read on !

Almost a month back, while hustling through my everyday routine I found myself getting engulfed by negativity- I felt less productive, unhappy and lacking the fire for my creative space – The Content Space. The planning, creating and content were not exciting me as much as they should which was only adding to the dissatisfaction and frustration.

It was time I did something to change the current scenario – Be less dramatic and more practical & productive. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the body of work and ideas, I started to focus on improving one step at a time.

It is a slow but steady process !

Grateful, that I have been able to revamp my skills for food blogging & photography; it is now time to start polishing the fashion & lifestyle section for The Content Space.

Instead of trying to fit into this image of a quintessential fashion blogger, I am glad to have let the FOMO take a backseat and, practice and perfect what comes to me naturally in terms of style, fashion & lifestyle.

This new phase of self discovery and self assurance is pleasing and a relief.Β The thought behind the imagery in this post sprouted from the self discovery of content I want to create.


And as I am figuring out more ways in which I can develop myself in this field; Fashion & Style are becoming a more personal term because for me is a means of expression for every individual. Limiting it to upcoming trends and seasonal collections is not how I want to experience and celebrate my style. There is a larger picture and we need to realize that fashion and lifestyle industry exists to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves and not emulate someone else.

This realization was my Sunshine and an awakening of what to create and how to present it via my blog. You can make a fresh start every day and that is the beauty of Sunrises. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


I am triumphantly joyous writing this post and sharing these images. This dress especially the color makes me burst into a gleeful smile. I call it my Sunshine Dress !



This post was more like a journal entry and I feel it is easier to relate with the content this way. What are your thoughts ?!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Manju says:

    Yes contentspace, life is but a journey and there are ups and downs, lows and high but one needs to push away the negativity and be positive. Do little things which gives you happiness.
    About style one has to keep reinventing himself or herself and create your own style. Your own style is always better than the one which you imitate.
    By the way color too good and you look pretty.


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