The Inevitable Tiramisù (Veg.)

Tiramisù, a popular dessert that originated in the lands of Italy; is traditionally made by  layering finger biscuits (dipped in coffee) and a custard, made from eggs, mascarpone cheese and sugar.

The word Tiramisu (in Italian), means ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer me up’ ; this dessert totally lives up to its name. These days patisseries and cafes are offering Tiramisu in different formats. Deconstructing and reconstructing the flavours to give us something new every time.


Coffee desserts are a hit with me. I like the slight bitterness that comes through the luxuriously sweet and decadent desserts. A recipe around tiramisù was inevitable for me. I had to try something.

Since mascarpone is not readily available here; I decided to make a non traditional version of tiramisù.

In the recipe given below, I have switched the mascarpone with plain Greek yogurt. There is no cheese or eggs or cream involved. This twist made this recipe unbelievably healthier.


Let’s get started !
Preparation time : 15mins.

Refrigeration time: 1 hour.

Serving : 2.



  1. Greek yogurt (plain) – 300g
  2. Coffee powder – 1 tsp
  3. Castor sugar/Honey – 3 tbsp
  4. Coffee biscuits – 4-6
  5. Vanilla essence – 1tsp

** In case you are using butter cookies, you’ll also need 1/2 cup espresso (at room temperature) to dunk the biscuits.


  • Take the Greek yogurt(hung yogurt) in a mixing bowl and whip it lightly with the coffee powder, vanilla essence and sugar until well combined.
  • Take a glass tumbler and start layering the yogurt and coffee biscuits alternately. I had biscuits with coffee flavoured filling inside so did not dip them in coffee before layering. In case, you don’t find these biscuits you can use any hard butter cookie and dip it in espresso for 3-5 secs for infusing the flavour (make sure they don’t get soggy and break). And start layering.
  • Here, I have created 3 generous layers of coffee flavored yogurt and alternated them with 2 layers of biscuits.
  • Dust some unsweetened cocoa powder on top to seal the deal. Or, you can decorate with chocolate sauce/sprinkles etc.
  • Final step is to put the tiramisù for chilling for a good one hour.



Mind you, this dessert is bursting with coffee flavour. The perfect harmony of sweet, bitter and sour flavours. The rich and creamy yogurt melts in your mouth and the biscuits by now add that cakey texture only to uplift your experience.


I hope that you whip up this easy dessert and share your thoughts with me on the Blog. Happy weekend 🙂

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