Snow White & Black Rose

The attitude and visual style of  ‘black & white’ is classic. Having watched documentaries, some good cinema and not to forget the Charlie Chaplin fillers in B&W, the look and feel of the era has been enticing for me. Till this day, any set up when seen through a B&W lens makes it twice as much engaging.

If we go by the technical definitions in Physics, black and white are not counted as physical colors as they do not fall in the range of visible light. Nonetheless, they have popularly given us all shades of grey. Over or under stated these ‘colors’; if I may say, can’t be underrated.
The outcasts, are quintessential classics in the world of fashion. Anything black or white appears more colorful in terms of beauty.

At times, the most notable fashion appearances don’t leave the impact on you that an honest and effortless image does.
Few days back, I was flipping through the photo albums in my house and found my inspiration in none other than my 4- year old self. Not trying to be a narcissist, but, looking at the untouched innocence I had made me miss my childhood even more.
Well, I have to credit my mother for she would have dolled me up in a pretty white dress with lace socks and white ballerinas to match. Had I not found this picture, I could not have imagined myself looking so poised, considering the clumsy tomboy I have been.


Monochrome is timeless, belongs to every era; just that I had been busy layering myself in the shades of the vibgyor. All things black or white allure me, yet, I never gave this a shot. Years later, I have dressed myself in an all white and all black ensemble. The outfits are styled in a muted way, nothing too far reaching which makes them wearable and easy to identify with.

Snow White

All White

I could not think of a better title for these looks. While working with the classics why not derive some inspiration from the classic childhood stories. So, here for the first one, I have teamed up a round neck T-shirt with a front tie-up skirt. Well, the skirt is actually an oversized men’s shirt that I borrowed (Clearly, I am still a tomboy who raids the mens section for comfy clothes).  Accessorized the look with silver-white flatforms and a pearl wristlet. Carry a sling bag to complete the look. It’s as simple as that, no fuss just pristine moments in your whites.


Black Rose


Nothing matches the mystery an all black attire creates. Keeping the look understated, I chose a black Georgette shirt; tucked the collar inwards and the shirt from one side at the bottom to give it a relaxed feel. Black high waist leggings were the perfect choice to give the look more structure and neat lines. Finally, completed the look with gold and black accents. A black textured clutch, a pair of black kitten heels, my beloved gold watch, a dainty gold necklace and the frames in black and dusty gold. And, ready to roll for an evening event.


While curating this post, I realized that as kids we are far more fearless and experimental with our choices. It is good to move around with caution, but, at times get out there to experience a new you.

Hope you find a new inspiration! 🙂

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