Snack’d Ep.#3 | FoxNuts/Makhanas

The last couple of days have been quite engaging for me. At times like these when I am absorbed by a set of tasks, time seems to travel at the speed of light; leaving me with the choice of unhealthy untimely meals. Blessed with a life, where I have my hands full with new opportunities and challenges. But, the idea of munching on junk every other day is not going well.
With Snack’d, I started making a healthier choice for those in between cravings and discovered an array of snacking options that are wholesome and nutrition based.
Today, on the third episode I am excited to share a quick recipe that is a childhood favourite.


On The Menu>> Makhanas /Fox Nuts 3 ways!


Nutritional Facts:

Fox Nuts or Makhanas are air popped lotus seeds and considered an age old health food. The benefits of Fox Nuts:
1. Low in cholesterol, fat and sodium.
2. Gluten-free, high in proteins and carbohydrates.
3. Recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or having obesity concerns.
4. Contains anti ageing enzymes.
5. Prevents inflammation.

Makhanas, 3 ways:


Looking through the archives of my growing years, I remembered that my mother used to give me these roasted makhanas in the evening with milk. Fox nuts roasted in clarified butter were something even she enjoyed like a small kid. I took her loved nuts a step further and made batches of flavoured fox nuts; sweet and savoury.
1. It’s Minty!


Roast the fox nuts in a tbsp of clarified butter/olive oil on a low-medium flame for 3 minutes or so. Add black salt, dry mango powder, paprika, salt(as per taste), coriander powder, dried mint powder and mix well. Once the masala is coated on the nuts turn off the flame and rest the makhanas for a few minutes before serving.
2. Carmalized!


Roast the fox nuts in clarified butter for a minute. Add sesame seeds and toast them with the makhanas for another 2-3 minutes on a low flame. Add jaggery powder/ grated jaggery/brown sugar to the wok enough that it coats the nuts well. As the jaggery starts melting it will help the sesame seeds and nuts to stick together. Sprinkle fennel seeds(saunf) on top and give it one final mix. Turn off the flame and let it come to the room temperature. The fennel seeds add a refreshing flavour to the caramelized nuts. One guilt free sweet to hog on all day.

3. Something Cheesy!


In all honesty, I didn’t make this one. Got it off the shelf at the supermarket the day I was not carrying my on the go snacks to satiate my hunger pangs. If you wish to try this flavour, all you will need to do is add salt, cheese powder and a hint of mint powder to the toasted fox nuts. Mix well till the spices get coated nicely. Turn off the flame and get ready to savour them.

You can easily buy them off or BigBasket or any other retailer. But, anything homestyle tastes 100 times better and since it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare these, there is no excuse for you to not try these yourself.

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